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Vi har forsynt Rørosinger, hyttfolk og tilreisende med bakevarer siden 1906
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Posts Carousel/Slider

Create this filterable kind of Grid easily. For any custom post type like Posts, pages, portfolio, testimonial or any other that third party plugins can add.

[vc_posts_grid loop=»size:8|order_by:date|post_type:portfolio» grid_columns_count=»4″ grid_layout=»image|link_post,title|link_post,link» grid_link_target=»_self» filter=»yes» grid_layout_mode=»fitRows» title=»Posts Grid with filter»]

You can also choose to have masonry layout instead of fixed height one.

[vc_posts_grid loop=»size:9|order_by:date|post_type:portfolio» grid_columns_count=»3″ grid_layout=»image|link_post,title|link_post,text|excerpt» grid_link_target=»_self» grid_layout_mode=»masonry» title=»Posts Grid (Masonry)» grid_thumb_size=»262×150″]

Create these slider from your content (posts, pages, portfolio) anywhere easily with Post Carousel component.

[vc_carousel posts_query=»size:10|order_by:date|post_type:post» layout=»image|link_post,title|link_post,link» link_target=»_self» speed=»5000″ mode=»horizontal» slides_per_view=»4″ hide_pagination_control=»yes» wrap=»yes» title=»Posts Carousel» autoplay=»yes»]

Using this Post Slider component,You can slide images from any custom post type like post, below are images from portfolio custom post type.